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Gabriella Stanton

Community Outreach Coordinator

Gabby is a rising sophomore at University of California, Riverside where she is a Business Administration major. As the Community Outreach Coordinator, Gabby researches and collects data on the impact of arts education outside of school. We hope to bring forward statistics and testimonies that demonstrate the importance of minority students being involved in the arts. Gabby also reaches out to talented artists to work with YAI.
Since 2015, Gabriella has been involved in the community by teaching young children to play the piano and working at a local law office. She has also been employed as a tutor for young children. Through teaching piano, Gabriella has helped create the next generation of classically trained pianists and has given children a worthwhile extracurricular activity. By working in a law office, she has been afforded the opportunity to experience how legal services come to the aid of those truly in need.
Gabriella is detail-oriented and has excellent communication skills. Her experience in leadership, the arts, and office work makes her a valuable assent to the YAI team.

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