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What Being Black Means To Me

Growing up mixed was a struggle, I spent a long time trying to find myself between two sometimes conflicting parts of who I was. When you are mixed it can be hard to identify yourself within the boxes other people try to place on you. It took me a long time to fully accept and love myself for being black, and know with every part of me that no matter what other people say that I am. Surrounding myself with people who want to support me and uplift me as a black woman going on this journey instead of others who would judge or place their misconceptions on me has been a very vital part of navigating my life. Black people supporting black people, of all skin tones, backgrounds, and beliefs, it what makes being a part of this community so incredibly special. There is a unity within the struggles of being black that connects everyone one of us, and even though the adversities we face may be hard they also can bring us together.

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