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A Message To Black Women

From birth the odds were stacked against us. 
Because in this world to be a woman is to work twice as hard to get half of what they get 
And to be a balck  means not getting that opportunity to work at all. 
To be both - To be a Black Women means changing your features to look like them because who you are is unkept and ghetto. 
To be a black woman is to be told your style, your hair, your accessories look beautiful on everyone else but you. 
To be a Black Women is being told your skin isn't desirable even  though you glow  in the sun 
To be a Black Women is to be told you are 
too much 
Too loud 
Too dramatic     
Too dark 
Too crazy or
Too aggressive 
To be a Black Women is to be knocked over again, and again and again and again and stil  get back up
To be a Black Woman means to be strong, resilient, smart, beautiful, amazing and everything society tells is were not. 
Being a Black Women means beating the odds.

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