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About Us

The Young Artists Initiative (YAI) is a project that promotes minority participation in the arts. It gives young people the chance to work together to create art, impact their communities and schools, and mentor the next generation of artists.

How We Do It

Inspire. Create. Educate. These are the three main goals of the Young Artists Initiative.

Inspire: We inspire minority youth and encourage their participation in the arts by creating work that tells stories about and made by people who look like them. YAI also helps connect youth interested in the arts with mentors with YAI who have experience in various art forms.

Create: YAI creates opportunities for artists to be involved in arts education by sharing their work and working on projects, both individually and collectively, with artists of different disciplines.

Educate: YAI believes in Nina Simone's thoughts that youth must know about prominent historical figures and heroes. Because of this, the content that YAI creates and shares hopes to educate youth about influential artists from a diverse background. We also allow artists to impact underserved communities by engaging in arts education events in educational and artistic spaces.​

What We Offer

YAI artists can gain community service hours and internship experience by leading workshops and being a YAI mentor. Additionally, YAI gives artists exposure by sharing their work across our platforms. 

Young Artists Initiative and The Poetry Lab present “Celebrations of Home” a one-time generative writing workshop for young writers of color. This class is free to attend and will be held via Zoom on Saturday, May 8th from 1:00-4:00pm (Pacific Time).

Families and homes take all kinds of shapes and forms. In this workshop, young writers will be encouraged to spend time writing celebratory poems for the people, places, and moments that shaped who they are.

To register: please click on the "Register Now" button above to fill out a questionnaire then click “Continue to Zoom Registration.” You will need a (free) Zoom account to attend this workshop.

The meeting link will be sent to your email upon registration. We will send out a few reminders as well!

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Black Voice News covers YAI

August 2020

It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live.

-Nina Simone

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